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SpaceX hired a Louisiana company to build a drone ship

SpaceX is a company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. They work with NASA and various corporations to send supplies, satellites and at some point humans into space.

I was watching a video from the MIT AeroAstro Centennial Symposium where SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, mentioned they’re building a barge in Louisiana that will serve as a water-based landing platform for their reusable rockets.

He confirmed this a month later in an intial tweet followed up by another with details:

When I heard that I was...

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Naming your business in New Orleans

Starting your own business is, as Joe Biden would say, “is a big f*cking deal.” Most people don’t really understand just how much of an undertaking it is until they’ve actually done it. One of the things you have to do, other than write a business plan, gather capital, or form the LLC, is come up with a good name.

Think of your company as your baby…it is your creation and you’re entirely responsible for it. Deep down you will always love it but sometimes you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking when you started it. And of course you want to give it a good name. Your business’ name will stay with you. You’ll have to say it to people, type, and write it thousands of times. Name it well.

Katrina brought a renewed focus on everything local in New Orleans (rightfully so) and how we choose to name our organizations is a big part of that. We’re all proud to live in and operate...

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I went to a New Orleans City Council meeting and I hated it

If you’ve never attended a meeting held in the city council chambers regarding a hot button issue in New Orleans then you should. The experience is nothing short of theatrical even if it does make me want to pull out my hair.

A couple weeks ago I attended the city council transportation committee meeting discussing the entry of Uber into the New Orleans transportation market. For those unfamiliar, Uber is a company that provides infrastracture and an app to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. You use your phone to magically summon a car to your exact location….it’s like magic.

In the typical “it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” sense that startups are often known for Uber enters into new markets and begins operating regardless of what the local laws say in hopes that they can get them changed later. This understandably has been pissing off...

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I realized there was a need for a basic site that gives a breakdown of what’s going on in our startup community so I made one. The site is meant to serve as a resource for both newcomers and anyone in general.

On you’ll find:

  • A list of meetups
  • A calendar of events
  • A list of accelerators/incubators/coworking spaces
  • Groups that can provide funding
  • Big events
  • A glossary outlining some startup terms

The site is responsive so you can easily view it on your phone. It is open source and available to contribute to on Github. If you have any feedback or would like to add an event just use the contact form.

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How to get free wifi on planes

While on a Delta flight recently I wanted to see if there was a way I didn’t have to pay to use the wifi and was able to get 30 minutes of free wifi via Gogo wireless.

Once connecting to the wifi you’re directed to Gogo’s website where they have a live chat feature (top right). Load up the chat and say you want to try out their wireless but don’t want to pay just yet because you don’t know if their speeds are fast enough. They will give you a 30 minute redeemable coupon.

What’s interesting is Gogo acted like I had already created an account even though I used fake credentials. My name was Barack Obama with email Lynn, the chatter, told me I already had an account setup with that email and gave me a password that brought me to the page to redeem my 30 free minutes. Next time I’d like to see if I can try this with different accounts once the first allotment is up.

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thoughts on NYC

Some awesome things I’ve noticed here that should be replicated elsewhere:


  • Free wifi in public parks and the parks are damn clean
  • 99 cent slices of pizza
  • Surprisingly clean for the most part
  • Cars are very aware of and stop for pedestrians
  • 24 hour, fast public transit
  • Not many fat people
  • Delicious food options everywhere, including non fast food places to get something quickly
  • No dog shit on the streets
  • Extremely diverse in a melting pot sense, not salad bowl
  • I feel safe walking around at night, possibly because there are people everywhere
  • Bars in basements and on roofs
  • There is a general ‘getting shit done’ mentality


  • Everything is very fast here which can be stressful. An old lady elbowed me out of the way at a lunch buffet since I wasn’t quick enough.
  • Shit is expensive
  • There are people everywhere
  • It’s a big place meaning it can take 45 mins to get somewhere you...

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Get off your ass and build something

Two years ago I got a desk at Launchpad and as a result immersed myself in the local tech world. I’ve seen a lot of great things happening here. New Orleans has some big opportunities ahead…I just wish we could make more awesome at a faster pace. And I have a short proposal on how to do that.


One thing New Orleans is missing are more consumer-facing companies. None of our bigger startups are consumer oriented. I want to be able to use more kickass products that local startups are building here and scaling all over the planet.

For various reasons we almost always gets overlooked as a market by many of the fantastic products that bigger cities enjoy. I’m talking about companies like Seamless (food delivery), Zipcar (car sharing), and Instacart (grocery delivery). Apparently we just can’t have nice things.


So rather than waiting for these startups to show up we...

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Google inserting Stack Overflow answers directly into results

I wanted to know the best way for setting the max-width of the content area in Bootstrap so I Googled “bootstrap max width” which returned the following result from Stack Overflow:

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.11.00 AM.png

Google has chosen the second answer (which has the highest upvotes but is not the answer accepted by the user), skipped over some of the answer’s text, and shown me the last half of the answer along with the example code. I’m seeing this second answer because of what I searched for which you can see in bold in the snippet.

I definitely like where this is going but I’m still going to click through to the page which is the first result anyway.

On another note I’m glad they finally included the audio tab feature in the most recent release of Chrome so I don’t have to click through 20 tabs to find that audio/video I want to get rid of.

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